DevOps with Jenkins Pipeline, Ansible, Kubernetes & Docker

DevOps with Jenkins Pipeline, Ansible, Kubernetes & Docker

Learn how to implement DevOps using Jenkins Pipeline, docker and Ansible and Kubernetes

What you’ll learn

  • How to implement DevOps automated work flows
  • Implementations of CI/CD using Jenkins Pipeline, Docker, Kubernetes and Ansible
  • Sending automated alerts using Jenkins, Slack and Email
  • Using SonarQube for static code analysis with Jenkins Pipeline
  • Setting Up Kubernetes cluster AWS using KOPS
  • Automated deployments to Kubernetes
  • Jenkins master and slave (linux, windows)


  • Basic knowledge on kubernetes, git docker, maven, But not mandatory


This course gives a good overview of DevOps using Jenkins Pipeline Jobs, using Groovy DSL, It Covers good examples to implement CI/CD end to end.

This course also teaches you most of the Jenkins concepts like pipeline, master-slave, ansible integration, Jenkins security, Jenkins tools.

This course covers how to deploy docker and kubernetes applications, using jenkins pipeline scripts, and also how to publish code to SonarQube And Perform static code analysis.

Coming to notifications, It explains How to integrate Jenkins with Email and Slack, By integrating with Plugins

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone wants to learn ,how to use kubernetes, docker, slack, email, sonarqube, nexus in DevOps workflows

Course content

8 sections • 35 lectures • 4h 21m total length
  • Jenkins Introduction
  • Jenkins Master and Slave Configuration – Jenkins Distributed Builds
  • Introduction To Jenkins Pipeline Jobs (Scripted)
  • SonarQube – Integrating Static Code Analysis in CI
  • Continuous Delivery And Continuous Deployments, Ansible, Docker, Tomcat
  • Jenkins Declaratice Pipelines
  • Ansible Jenkins Integration
  • Kubernets CI/CD – Using Declarative Pipeline

Created by: Hari Kammana, (AWS & DevOps Consultant)

Last updated 12/2020
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698 students

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