Hands On Spring Boot Course – Build a FinTech App

Hands On Spring Boot Course - Build a FinTech App

Learn Spring boot building a real world complex project!

What you’ll learn

  • How to build web applications with spring boot
  • The theory of how the spring framework works
  • Event driven architecture
  • Learn how to start building your own projects from scratch
  • Best Principles for building REST based web applications
  • How to design loosly coupled systems


  • Java Basics


Welcome to the Hands On Spring Boot Course!

Covering all of the fundamental concepts of Spring Boot. This course is bound to help you improve your coding skills and be on your way to becoming a skilled Backend Software Engineer. All while building a Fintech project for your portfolio.

This course was built for people who want to learn how to actually build Spring Boot projects from scratch. The project that we will be building is made up of separate microservices so you will actually learn how microservice architectures work. You will also get a glimpse of how to make event driven systems.

This course contains:

Spring boot crash course section – covers the basics of spring and spring boot.

Use Case Analysis – step by step process how to actually decide on what functionality is needed.

P2P Lending Application creation – a large, hands on project.


Intro video music provided by Bensound.

Who this course is for:

Course content

10 sections • 82 lectures • 8h 59m total length
  • Introduction
  • Environment Setup
  • Spring Boot Crash Course
  • First Steps
  • Lending Engine Microservice
  • Integration With Security Microservice
  • Profile Microservice
  • Events
  • Lending Engine – Balance functionality
  • Bonus Section: Full Security JWT microservice
Created by: Mindaugas Barčauskas, Professional Software Developer
Last updated 10/2020
English [Auto]
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239 students

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