Laravel Forum – Build a Forum with Laravel 2021

Laravel Forum - Build a Forum with Laravel 2021

Create a forum with admin panel using Laravel PHP Framework and Telegram API

What you’ll learn

  • Laravel MVC
  • Laravel Notifications
  • Laravel Email sending
  • Laravel CRUD
  • Laravel – Telegram API Integration
  • Laravel Image Processing
  • Laravel Medium editor Integration
  • Laravel Cron jobs
  • Laravel Migrations
  • Laravel Eloquent
  • Laravel blade template
  • Laravel Image upload
  • Laravel commands
  • Laravel Notificatifiable

ged in, he is redirected to the profile page where he/she can update their profile information. The forum displays all the logged-in users as well as the page for all the forum members.


Admin has total control of the forum. Admin has CRUD(CREATE, READ, UPDATE and DELETE) permissions on the Categories, Forums, Discussions, Users, and Replies.

Admin has access to user’s Profiles and Can Update them.


Users are notified upon someone replying on the discussion they started or When someone likes the reply. Admin is notified when a new user joins the Forum.

Telegram API

We link the application with a telegram group so that notifications are sent to the group by the telegram bot upon new user registration, the new discussion started, and a new reply to the discussion.

Categories Search

On the forum homepage, we have a search form where users can search specific keywords, and then they will be shown the categories with those keywords if they exist

Access Control

We implement access control where normal users can’t access the admin panel whether they know the URL to the admin panel or not.  For this, we use admin middleware to redirect the non-admin users back to their profile page if at all they get the admin route and try to access it.

Users can also not edit other user’s profiles.

The Laravel topics we’re going to cover are: Laravel application structure, Laravel MVC, Laravel Controllers, Laravel Models, Laravel Mailable, Laravel Migrations, Laravel views, Laravel Observers, Laravel commands, Laravel Notificatifiable, Laravel Routes, Laravel Named Routes, Laravel Eloquent, Laravel Database,  Laravel blade template

Who this course is for:

  • This Course is not for complete beginners. But having in mind that some students who are complete beginners in Laravel maybe interested in following this course, I try as much as possible to explain everything that I do throughout this course.
  • Any student who has a basic understanding of Laravel Project structure, Migrations, routes, models and controllers can follow through this course.

Course content

13 sections • 80 lectures • 18h 3m total length
  • Introduction
  • Getting Started
  • Forum CRUD
  • Forum Topic CRUD
  • TOPIC replies CRUD
  • Displaying Users who are online
  • Telegram SDK Integration
  • Setting up User’s profile page
  • Adding customizations on Admin Panel
  • Adding Notifications Functionality
  • User’s Profile Update
  • Forum Reply Like and Dislike Functionality
  • Others
Created by: Simon Angatia, Full Stack Software Developer
Last updated 4/2021
English [Auto]
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