Practical Hacking: Undetectable Malware

Practical Hacking: Undetectable Malware

Become a Practical Ethical Hacker : Learn How to bypass antiviruses and firewall also learn how to defense against it.

What you’ll learn

  • You will be able to bypass any up-to-date antivirus
  • You will learn advance payload creation
  • You will Learn How to bind your payload with image file
  • You will Learn How to change extension of your payload to jpg
  • You will learn how to maintain access once you have gain it


  • Basic Knowledge of Hacking done some Beginner Hacking Course
  • Knowledge of Basic Linux Commands
  • Knowledge of Kali Linux
  • Basic Knowledge of Metasploit
  • Basic Knowledge of Exploit and Payload


In this course we will create undetectable malware and try to gain access to systems which are Up-to-date and fully patched then we will see how we can bind payloads with different files after doing that we will see how we can hack systems which are outside of our network and anywhere in the world. Then we will see the 4th phase of hacking “maintaining access” and see how we can maintain access to systems. After watching this course you will be able to create malware’s that can bypass any antivirus and firewall. We will also see how to defend against these types of malware’s.

Who this course is for:

  • Ethical Hackers who already have done Basic Hacking Course
  • Ethical Hackers who wants to learn Advance Hacking Techniques
  • Ethical Hackers who wants to learn Practical Hacking
  • Ethical Hackers who wants to learn about How to bypass up-to-date antivirus software’s
  • Ethical Hackers who wants to advance their knowledge in payload creation

Course content

9 sections • 24 lectures • 1h 37m total length
  • Introduction
  • MetaSploit Crash Course
  • Introduction to Veil 3.0 Framework
  • Create Payload with Veil 3.0
  • Payload Binding Methods
  • Launch an Attack
  • Post Attack and Persistence Connection
  • How to Defend Malware Attacks
  • Bonus Section

Created by: Arsalan Saleem, Secure Techware
Last updated 12/2020
English [Auto]
(Direct download available)

(299 ratings) 2,223 students


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